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Wendy Ayche (born: January 9, 1986 (1986-01-09) [age 34]),[1] better known online as Wengie, is an Chinese-Australian YouTuber, singer, and voice actress.


Wengie first joined YouTube on September 9, 2010, and posted her first video in 2013. Ever since then she has uploaded videos of Life Hacks, DIY'S, Craft Ideas, Slime Videos, Fun Experiment, Pranks, and Challenges. Wengie has also previously posted videos of her childhood and a Draw My Life video. In Wengie's videos, her "Twin Sister" (Wendy) has appeared multiple times. Wendy is actually not her twin sister

Other than being a YouTuber, Wengie has released two original songs. Her first single "Oh I Do" was released on November 25, 2017. It is her first-ever song and only Chinese song she has done. On July 10, 2018, she released her first English single called "Cake". These songs were released on her music channel.[2] She also has a voiced Bliss in the Australian and New Zealand version of The Powerpuff Girls in 2017.

As of 2018, she has released the songs "Cake," "Oh I Do," "Deja Vu," and "Ugly Christmas Sweater." On March 9th, 2019, Wengie released a Music Video for her new song Lace Up. The video featured Rebecca Zamolo, CloeCouture, Sharlene Taule, Jessica Reynoso, Susie Shu, Matt Steffanina, Jun Curry Ahn, Shawn Wasabi, David Amber, Shadae Lamar Smith, and Skyy John. Wengie has also been featured a number of times on her fiance Max's channel, Maxmello.[3]

On the 23rd of June, 2020, Wengie posted a 10 minute long video titled 'Goodbye Mia' about how her cat Mia sadly passed away.


Wengie has four channels. She has her music channel, where she posts her original songs. She also has a vlogs channel, which, true to its name, is home to her vlogs.[4] Her third channel is ReactiCorns,[5] which posts daily reacts which feature her fiance, Max. Then she has her main channel, which posts prank videos, hacks, 24-hour challenges, and slime videos. She has recently created a new channel named How To Slime,[6] which she made because she felt like it would be a good idea to feature a channel dedicated to her love of slime.


Wengie lives in Australia with her fiance, Max

Personal Life

Wengie was born in Guangzhou, China. Her name in Chinese is pronounced as "Wen-Jie". At an early age, her parents emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, thus adapting her name to "Wengie" for the English language. She also has two cats named Mikki and Mia. In August 2015, it was announced on her Instagram account that she was engaged with her boyfriend Max. They have a YouTube channel together called, Reacticorns.   



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