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Westen Champlin has more than One Million Subscribers
Westen Champlin is a Vlogger
Westen Champlin is from the United States
Westen Champlin is male
Westen Champlin created their account in 2010
Westen Champlin is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Westen Champlin (born: July 23, 1998 (1998-07-23) [age 24]) is an American YouTuber and auto guru, born in Winfield, Kansas, who makes videos about the performance of various transportation vehicles. He was brought up on a farm, which allowed him to interact with trailers and four-wheelers. He joined YouTube on March 17, 2010, started uploading on February 8, 2019, and has accumulated 1,660,000 subscribers and 128 million views as of November 2021.


He joined YouTube on March 17, 2010, started uploading on February 8, 2019, with his first video on this channel being about an auction, and its title is "$1,000 AUCTION BUY for Ford F350 7.3L Powerstroke 4X4". In the same year he started uploading, he started gaining some recognition, mainly because of his various insights into pick-up trucks, especially Ford. Moreover, another focus on his channel is rebuilding and fixing multiple vehicles.


  • Westen runs an auto repair shop alongside his childhood friend, Dom. These two friends handle all types of projects, whether small or large scale.
  • He has a donkey.