Whang! is a Vlogger
Whang! plays video games
Whang! is a Musician
Whang! is a Reviewer
Whang! makes Educational Videos
Whang! is from the United States
Whang! is male
Whang! created their account in 2016
Whang! is a Content Creator on YouTube

Justin Whang (born December 29, 1984 (1984-12-29) [age 36]), better known online as Whang!, is an American YouTuber and streamer best known for his Tales From the Internet series where he covers events and topics from the early internet and beyond.

Other Channels

  • Whang Uncut
  • Jynx
  • Let's Play With Whang
  • Whang Guitar Cover Video Archive


Whang is best known for his Tales from the Internet series, but he also does music covers and LetsPlays.

Tales from the Internet

This is the most popular show on Whang!'s channel, by far, and what he's best known for. Tales from the Internet is a series where he does extensive research on, and makes videos about, stories from the history of the Internet. Example are Saki Sonobashi, a supposed Lost Anime that a reddit user made a post about years ago, other Lost Media, strange YouTube videos that nobody understood the origins of, such as the video HELLO MY FUTURE GIRLFRIEND, Creepypastas, along with various other topics.


Whang often collaborates with Internet Historian, and voices characters in his documentaries.


  • He likes Slipknot
  • He plays the guitar
  • He is of Korean descent[1]


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