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What If is a Canadian YouTube channel that uploads various educational videos.


This channel uploads a wide variety of educational videos, with every single one of them starting with "What If". The subjects could be science, common questions or even videos explaining if something actually happened in a recent trend. He does some research and tend to explains a lot about the topic.


  • Some fans pointed out that many videos end with all humans dying.
  • Some videos show at the beginning of the top right corner that a video is better with sound.
  • He uses clips from various sources such as movies, other YouTube videos and more, just like many other educational channels. However, unlike most, he shows the clip source with small text at the bottom of the clip.
  • It was originally called "whatifscienceshow".
  • He made two additional channels, one is Spanish and the other is Chinese.

Subscriber milestones

  • April 23, 2019: 1 million subscribers
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