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WhatsUpMoms is a parenting YouTube channel produced and runs by moms Meg Resnikoff (born June 19, 1980 (1980-06-19) [age 39]) and Elle Walker (born July 20, 1981 (1981-07-20) [age 38]), aimed to provide tips, recipes, DIYs, and entertainment content for mothers.

They are also well known for their motherhood themed parodies of popular songs, such as "I'm so pregnant," a parody of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy".

What's Up Moms ranks #1 on Forbes's Top Influencers list for Parenting, leading a category that includes such influential online voices as Jill Smokler's Scary Mommy and Bunmi Laditan's The Honest Toddler.


The channel started when Elle had her own channel WhatsUpELLE. She then created WhatsUpMoms for fast-paced videos due to a helpful tip for a friend, after seeing a gap in the market for content aimed towards millennial moms.

Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker had been classmates at Stanford University; in the years since graduation, they went their separate ways, working, respectively, in digital media and business strategy, until 2014, when the two joined forces to launch What's Up Moms, focusing their efforts on YouTube together.

Meg Resnikoff posts videos on kitchen tips, easy recipes and life with three kids on Monday. She is married to Alan and has three children, Avery, Brooks and Ryder.

Elle Walker posts videos on vlogs, tips videos, and comedic shorts on Wednesday. She is married to Ross and has three children, Presley, Ford and Tess.

Shows and Schedule

Mom Hacks 

Insanely helpful tricks to manage a mom's time and daily activities efficiently.


Delicious family recipes you can actually make (Mondays 9 AM ET).


Kids activities you won't spend all day setting up (Wednesdays 9 AM ET).

Style & Beauty

Beautiful projects that will not end in #PinterestFails (Thurdays 9 AM ET).


Saving you hundreds of hours on Amazon, you're welcome. (Every other Friday 9 AM ET).


Consists of labor and delivery stories, Day In Life videos, and WhatsUpMoms updates.

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Note
2015 Streamys Kids and Family Won

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