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Hannah Brown (Born: July 27, 1989 (1989-07-27) [age 30]), better known online as WhiteEnglishGirl, is an English YouTuber known for her rapping and culture videos that are presented in a mix of English and Japanese, as she is fluent in both. She is also known for being the sister of Boyinaband whom she collabarates with on a regular basis.


Hannah posts vlogs and raps on an unclear schedule, with her latest video as of 8/8/2018 being Part 2 of her Journey to Japan were she combines the video with a mix of japanese and english speaking with subtitles for context. She collobarates with her brother David Brown (Boyinaband) on a regular basis and there is speculation they live in the same houseold from one of Dave's videos.


Hannah was born in Telford, England in 1988 and moved to the United Arab Emirates with her brother, David Brown. She eventually moved home as a teenager. At age 15, she watched the film 'Spirited Away' and was pushed to learn Japanese.

In 2011, she created her YouTube account and released her first ever video on the same day. It was titled 'ファンキーグラマラス | White Girl Raps In Japanese ',and achieved 80 thousand views as of 2018 and pushed Hannah to carry on creating more content, improving her editing and progressing.

She does not rap as often any more and more focuses on her culture and travel vlogs.


  • She grew up with her brother Boyinaband (Dave)
  • She was born in Telford, England
  • She speaks fluent Japanese.
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