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Wifies is a Commentator
Wifies has more than One Million Subscribers
Wifies plays video games
Wifies is from the United States
Wifies is male
Wifies created their account in 2017
Wifies is a Content Creator on YouTube

Wifies (pronounced Wee-fees) (born: November 8, 2004 (2004-11-08) [age 17]), is an American Minecraft YouTuber. He uploads documentaries and joke videos about the game. He is often recognized for his Amazon Echo themed subscriber milestones, his videos exploring obscure Minecraft game mechanics, as well as his parody Manhunt videos inspired by the YouTuber Dream and featuring his friends.


Wifies generally uploads a wide range of content without directly conforming to one scheduled style of video. The videos can range from Minecraft YouTuber documentaries to random Minecraft comedy to the occasional video on the Hypixel network. While the released content isn't scheduled by theme, it usually resides in one of those categories.

Wifies varies his content type a lot across several months and had a long legacy of HermitCraft related videos that helped grow his channel to where he is now. (Most notably the Amazon Echo milestone series) Prior to this phase, Wifies uploaded base level technical Minecraft commentary coupled with tutorials and the occasional video on Hypixel.



Before uploading on his Wifes YouTube account, Wifies was the owner of numerous other channels. However, the "Wifies" YouTube channel was the direct successor of RedSheepMLG. This channel was inspired by the popular Minecraft / Roblox YouTuber PinkSheep. On this channel, he would upload a broad range of Minecraft content using a text-to-speech in place of his voice. The channel peaked at around 143 subscribers but was eventually discontinued due to a lack of motivation. In early 2020, all of the previous videos on the RedSheepMLG channel were private, and a new video (now private as well) "RedSheepMLG.exe" was uploaded directing any remaining fans to the new Wifies channel as it had just surpassed 20,000 subscribers. Later, in mid-2020, this video was also privated and the channel was renamed to "Twifies". It currently stays inactive but may be used in the future as a highlight or backup channel.

Early Content (December 2017 - May 2018)

Wifies began his youtube channel with redstone themed videos inspired by the YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo. Most videos were tutorial-based but some of the more popular ones showcased custom design submissions for Mumbo's Redstone contraption competitions. Wifies' first public video is one of these submissions, and it's relation to Mumbo allowed it to reap the attention of a relatively respectable audience.

Hypixel & The Great Marble Race (May 2018 - September 2018)

The Great Marble Race (TGMR) was a short two-season series now discontinued inspired by the YouTuber John Dubuc. The videos were made in a physics simulator called "Algodoo" and were unedited great ball contraptions where various marbles raced to reach the end first. It's also at this time when Wifies began to branch into more multiplayer content, releasing several videos on Hypixel, and a few on Mineplex as well.

HermitCraft Comparisons (September 2018 - November 2018)

On September 5th 2018, Wifies released a video titled "WHICH HERMIT IS THE BEST!? | THE HC HG " inspired by Technoblades "Ultimate Hunger Games " where he used a hunger games simulator featuring the members of HermitCraft season 6. This video gained a fair bit of traction and as such Wifies continued to upload HermitCraft comparison styled videos where he ranked the hermits by certain aspects similar to his "Top" series. Videos like "Which Hermit is the Most Popular " garnered a lot of attention and so where consistently uploaded.

Notable Videos in this period:

- Wifies first viral video "All HermitCraft Member's Faces " while heavily disliked was his first video to surpass 100,000 views and prompted an updated sequel "All HermitCraft Member's Faces (UPDATED) " which would go on to surpass its predecessor and eventually hit 1 million views in August of 2020.

- Now private, a very controversial video uploaded by Wifies was a video where he brought attention to the back of YouTuber Xisumavoid's head. The video received immense loads of backlash and is now private.

Logcraft S1, Skywars & Grumbo Moments (November 2018 - May 2019)

There was a period of time when Wifies played on Logcraft, a YouTuber SMP managed by YouTuber CaVe Yt and inspired by HermitCraft. Wifies recorded 39 episodes on the server and continued to play for a season two later on. It was also around this time when Wifies began to adopt more Technoblade style Skywars commentaries and played on Hypixel while discussing various topics or attempting challenges. One of Wifies most recognizable and notable series was "The Best Grumbo Moments" a series of compilations featuring interactions between Grian and Mumbo Jumbo on the HermitCraft SMP. He also did numerous compilations of other HermitCraft Members but will be most remembered for the Grumbo ones.

Notable Videos in this period:

- During this time, Wifies reached his one-year anniversary and surpassed 1 thousand and two thousand subscribers, making a special video for both accomplishments: 1k special | 2k special

LogCraft S2 & HermitCraft Comedy (May 2019 - April 2020)

Wifies began playing Logcraft season two along with a handful of new players, however, because of his diminishing motivation to play survival and the toxicity between him and some of the other players, he left the season midway and never returned to Logcraft. In this time Wifies continued to do Skywars commentaries and videos on Hypixel became more regular. Instead of compilations, Wifies' focus shifted to HermitCraft related commentary and narration on various events and topics. Additionally, he produced miscellaneous videos such as "Out of context" or "Unnecessary Censorship" He also began the now concluded HermitCraft Memes series which gained a lot of attention and initiated a minor rivalry with YouTuber Sarez. Wifies started up a Hardcore series as well but quickly ended it due to low view counts on the videos.

Notable videos in this period:

- Published on July 5th, Amazon Grian (Wifies' 3k subscriber special) skyrocketed in popularity gaining 100,000 views in just a couple of days. Nearly three days later, Wifies hit 5 thousand subscribers.

- Published on July 12th, Amazon Mumbo Jumbo (Wifies' 5k special) went even more viral than Amazon Grian and was Wifies' first video to surpass 1 million views. This video and Amazon Grian are often referenced as the reason Wifies' YouTube channel got to where it is now and the start of the Amazon Echo videos for milestones. Even Mumbo Jumbo himself left a positive comment on the video.

- How to W-Tap was a basic PVP tutorial that did decently well, but spiked a couple of months later going viral for no apparent reason.

-Inspired by the previous two, Amazon Grumbo was Wifies' 30k subscriber special along with a short history of his channel. While 10,000 subscribers had always been the goal, 30k was Wifies' dream milestone in order to have YouTube Rank on the Hypixel Network.

Minecraft Manhunt & Dream Inspired Videos (April 2020 - July 2020)

At this point in time, the YouTuber Dream was gaining tons of attention and was famous for his "Speedrunner vs 2 Hunters" video. Inspired, Wifies decided to do his own parody but raise the number of hunters to 3. The video did decently well but was blessed when Dream released his own version of the 1v3 a few weeks later. Now that both videos existed, Wifies saw a huge spike in popularity and continued to do Minecraft Manhunts. The series peaked in a 1v6 Manhunt, and due to the surge in new viewers, Wifies was able to skyrocket past 40k, 50k, 60k, and 75k subscribers in the span of 1.5 months.

Notable videos in this period:

- Amazon Dream (Wifies' 75k special) immediately went viral after it's release and now has over 700,000 views.

Comedy & Commentary (July 2020 -)

At the time of writing, Wifies uploads weekly with a general formula of content but no planned out videos. On August 22nd, 2020, he passed 100,000 subscribers and celebrated with Amazon Dream Team. The video marked an end to the saga of Amazon Echo videos. His newer content revolves around exploiting game mechanics or exploring how far people can use them, he jokingly uses the Vsauce music in them as well.


  • Wifies' Hypixel YouTube rank application was denied when first submitted, however he eventually acquired it when he hit 60K subscribers.
  • Speedish was Wifies' first subscriber and was also first on a lot of his other channels.
  • His main channel is the 11th channel that he'd ever owned.
  • Wifies owns a YouTube channel about littlest pet shop with over 800 subscribers.
  • Oddly, one of Wifies' video has an error, mentioning a swamp as an "ocean."[1]
  • At one point, Wifies had made merch on his RedSheepMLG channel.
  • Wifies has 1v1'ed Dream for $5000.
  • Wifies has a deceased pet bearded dragon named Nova.
  • On vacation, he met a spotted cat that sat on his lap on a bench. He dubbed the cat "ronin" and it is the inspiration for a lot of his fanart and profile picture.
  • He took chess in 3rd grade.
  • His favorite anime is Dr. Stone.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • If he could add one feature to Minecraft it would be an uncrafting table.
  • Wifies swam and took piano for 4 years before stopping.
  • Wifies' Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw.


  • 100K subscribers: August 2020
  • 1M subscribers: November 2021