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Wiiviewr (born: May 27, 1975 (1975-05-27) [age 44]) is a YouTuber from San Diego, California, known for his reviews on games for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, Virtual Console, and Nintendo Switch. He primarily covers 3rd party games, but every once in a while, he will do a review on a major 1st party game.

From time to time, the Wiiviewr's sons, the LittleWiiviewer and the LittlestWiiviewer, will join in on a review and tell the viewers their take on the games. The LittleWiiviewer has been in some of the reviews, while the LittlestWiiviewer has only been in a few.


On Feburary 2nd, 2010, the Wiiviewer created a second channel called WiiviewrUncut, in which anything that isn't family friendly or somewhat controversial is still uploaded onto to YouTube, but not on his main account.


The Wiiviewer received YouTube Partnership around the time of his Wii review of Pirates Plundaar.

Most Viewed Reviews

These are the top five most popular reviews that the wiiviewr has done, not including the Best/Worst lists.

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