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This page is dedicated to listing all other wikis that are affiliates of Wikitubia. Our most recent affiliation is that of the Amazing Digital Circus Wiki, who have been affiliated with since January 9, 2024.

How to qualify for affiliation

  1. Local administrators need to be active. Furthermore, an admin must have edited in the last 30 days prior to an application.
  2. Both the Wikitubia administration and the site administration of the applying wiki must agree to become affiliates.

Meet the requirements? Consider applying by clicking the button below:

A wiki requested to affiliate with Wikitubia will be reviewed in a process before being accepted.

Below is a list of all wikis affiliated with Wikitubia as of 2024.

Sister wiki

We have one sister wiki, called Minitubia, where the documentation of content creators with less than 1,000 subscribers are documented. We do not actively "collaborate" with each other, but the creators of many pages not meeting requirements are generally redirected there.

Affiliated wikis

These are wikis we are officially affiliated with. Wikis are generally approved to be affiliates based on their topic, and how they can relate to YouTube. As of 2024, we have 6 affiliates.