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On Wikitubia, there are certain rules admins have to abide by for blocking situations. This page consists of the rules they are supposed to follow.

Block Types

Note: Some rules are missing from this list, so just because it's not here yet, doesn't mean its allowed.

A warning is given by staff members for a certain reason. Here is a list of all warnings:

  • False reporting discussions posts/replies and comments
  • Making off-topic Discussions posts/replies and comments
  • Deleting warnings from staff members
  • Making off-topic pages that doesn't relate to YouTubers or YouTube
  • Uplading off topic/random images
  • Removing valid candidates for deletion, candidates for cleanup, or stubs
  • Edit/Post farming
  • Misbehavior (insults, name-calling, false accusations)
  • Using unauthorized bot accounts
  • Inserting biased information
  • Continuing to reinstate a page with under 1,000 subscribers after it being deleted

After 45 days, warnings are expired and no longer count.

Level-1 block A level-1 block is an offense that is typically minor but can still be harmful to the wiki. Here is a list of level-1 blocks:

  • Mass Uplading off topic/random images
  • Mass making off-topic pages that doesn't relate to YouTubers or YouTube
  • Constantly asking for user rights
  • Inserting false information
  • Minor vandalism and spamming
  • Page blanking

Level-2 block A level-2 block is an offense isn't major rule-breaking, though it is mild and could cause damage to the wiki. Here is a list of level-2 blocks:

  • Roleplaying
  • Ignoring warnings despite being banned in the past
  • Minor vandalism and spamming (Recurring users)

Level-3 block A level-3 block is for any major offenses caused on the wiki, things that can harm the wiki severely and can possibly warrant an instant ban. Here is a list of level-3 blocks:

  • Anything against Fandom's Terms of Use
  • NSFW content and imagery
  • Spamming and Vandalism (ban can vary based on the amount or if all the users contributions are vandalism)
  • Being under the age of 13 (ban time varies based on age)
    • Being under the age of 16 in California and European Union
  • Harassing, threatening behavior, and death threats
  • Doxxing
  • Sockpuppetry/Abusing multiple accounts (3 or more sockpuppet accounts will get you a permanent ban if they haven't had one already).
  • Having an inappropriate username
  • Impersonation of Users and/or YouTubers
  • Saying slurs

Blocking rules

Level-1 blocking: If you are warned 3 times about a Level-1 block, it will result in a week long block. After you've been blocked once before, if you are warned 2 times about a Level-1 block, it will result in a month long block. Finally, If you've been blocked twice before, you will be banned after one final warning.

Level-2 blocking: The same rules for Level-1, though it being a lot less tolerated.

Level-3 blocking: For most cases, if you commit a Level-3 offense, you will be banned, and possibly globally banned. However, there are occasionally exceptions.

Block/Ban differences

Here are the differences between block types, if you're unaware:

  • If you are blocked, you can come back on Wikitubia after a certain amount of time.
  • If you are banned, you are not allowed to edit on Wikitubia anymore and your username will receive an infinite ban. If you have been blocked three times on Wikitubia, you will be banned.
  • If you are globally blocked, you have broken Fandom's Terms of Use. You will have to contact Fandom Staff through Special:Contact in order to appeal these as we cannot deal with them.

Block Pardons

A 'block pardon' is the act of either removing a ban or removing a block from counting in a users record. The only users who can permit a block pardon are bureaucrats. Most of the time, users are given a block pardon if their block was deemed unfair or unnecessary. If they are banned and get a pardon, most of the time it is when we think that the user has redeemed themselves and wouldn't do it again.

Block/ban appeals


If you are blocked/banned and feel that you were wrongfully blocked, you can fill out a ban/block appeal Google Form. Please read the rules for that form in the forms description.