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The Wikitubia Discord is the official Wikitubia Discord server. It was founded on December 12, 2017, by HanselElGato and is currently owned by Cluckster. The server has since grown to over 7,000 members.

More info about the server can be found on the server itself.


We have 15 rules on our server. Please follow them all.

  1. No harassing or threatening other users.
  2. Please try to talk and post about the things related to the channel.
  3. No racial/offensive slurs.
  4. No NSFW images, videos, messages, or anything else NSFW.
  5. Don't spam.
  6. Don't impersonate other users or YouTubers.
  7. Do not ping abuse or ping people for stupid reasons.
  8. Keep the chat in English.
  9. Do not break Discord's Terms of Service.
  10. Listen to our staff.
  11. No promotion outside of promote
  12. Don't post weird or unsettling images/videos.
  13. Don't be toxic/overly edgy.
  14. You can't have more than 2 accounts on this server.
  15. Don't talk about religion or politics on this server, or any other divisive topic for that matter.

Use your own common sense. Not all our rules will be listed here, but if the actions you take seem to be harmful or hurtful, Staff will not hesitate to take action against you.


The Discord server gives the option to link your wiki account with your discord in the verification channel.

Steps to verify

1) Go to your userpage (click here) and click 'Edit Profile' at the top
2) When the window loads, enter your discord username into the 'Discord' section (make sure to also include your usertag)
3) In the #verification channel in the server, type !w verify (your wiki username) and Wiki-Bot should reply to you and give you the 'Verified' role

Ban appeal

If you have been banned on the Wikitubia server and you that you should be unbanned, then you can fill out the ban appeal here.

Owner tenures

Here is a list of all of Wikitubia's Discord server owners tenures in chronological order:

# Owner Tenure Discord tag
1 HanselElGato December 12, 2017—November 21, 2018 handsome#7155
2 BoaDaSnakeMan November 21, 2018—July 22, 2019 Boa#0226
3 FkeBld July 22, 2019—November 20, 2020 Fke#6666
4 BoaDaSnakeMan November 20, 2020—October 1, 2021 Boa#0226
5 Cluckster October 1, 2021-present Cluckster#9172