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The Wikitubia Discord (formerly the Wikitubia Fandom Discord) is the official Wikitubia Discord server. It was founded on December 12, 2017, by HanselElGato and is currently owned by Cluckster. The server was boosted for the first time by Carpe Universum on May 9, 2020 (GMT -4), which included a double-boost to level 1.


  • Rule 1 - No hate speech or trolling.

Harassment, hate speech, homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism, and trolling are not allowed here, including the use of racial or homophobic slurs. This server has a zero-tolerance policy for such messages, and you may be banned immediately without warning or recourse.

  • Rule 2 - No NSFW or suggestive content.

Do not post anything that is NSFW or overly suggestive. This includes discussions about such topics. If you are unsure if it is considered NSFW or suggestive, you should refrain from posting it and seek clarification from staff if necessary.

  • Rule 3 - No spamming.

This includes abusive use of bot commands, misuse of spoiler tags, rapidly switching voice channels or mentioning people who are not currently active in the chat.

  • Rule 4 - No special character names or impersonation.

Your nick/username must comply with the rest of the rules and must be taggable without using an excess of special characters. Impersonating server and wiki staff, YouTube employees or significant community figures is also strictly forbidden.

  • Rule 5 - Follow Discord's ToS.

Follow Discord's Terms of Service at all times. Users who are caught breaking these terms will be reported to Discord Staff.

  • Rule 6 - Be mindful of channels and their purpose.

Failure to follow channel guidelines so may result in loss of permissions. Relevant information about the purpose of each channel can be found in the channel topic and pinned messages at the top.

  • Rule 7 - Follow all staff instructions immediately and at all times.

If you require clarification about any warning or instruction, send a private message to one of our server staff. Staff will not discuss action taken against other users. Use your own common sense. Not all our rules will be listed here, but if the actions you take seem to be harmful or hurtful, Staff will not hesitate to take action against you.


The discord gives the option to link you wiki account with your discord in the #verification

Steps to verify

1) Go to your userpage (click here) and click 'Edit Profile' at the top
2) When the window loads, enter your discord username into the 'Discord' section (make sure to also include your usertag)
3) In the #verification channel in the server, type !w verify (your wiki username) and Wiki-Bot should reply to you and give you the 'Verified' role


  • Location - US West
  • AFK Channel - None
  • Verification Level - Medium
  • Explicit Media Content Filter - Scan media content from all members

Discord module

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