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Discussions Moderators, formerly known as Thread Moderators, are users who have additional tools available to manage conversations in various features across the community where users are having discussions. These tools are:

Current Discussions Moderators

Below is a complete list of Wikitubia's discussion moderators:

Discussions Moderator since September 15, 2020 Active
Toasty Dinosaur
Discussions Moderator since December 8, 2020 Active
Discussions Moderator since January 1, 2021 Active

Becoming a Discussion Moderator

In order to become a discussion moderator, you must be a very active contributor to the discussions board, or in the comments of an article. You should be able to report a post in the discussions tab or comment on Wikitubia time to time.

What Discussions Moderators can do

  • Removing/restoring threads and replies by any user.
  • Closing/Reopening threads.
  • Manage Forum boards.
  • Delete blog comments.
  • Editing and deleting article comments
  • Moderating the Discussions feature.
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