Welcome to Wikitubia! Before getting started, please read the Rules and Editing tutorial. If you are willing to create a page about a YouTuber, make sure they have more than 1000 subscribers before creating the article.


This page is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a quality article on Wikitubia using the source editor!

Before creating a new page, check if the YouTuber you're creating a page for has a set username (has user/ in the url) or an unset channel name (has channel/ in the url).

Then, load in the appropriate infobox, by reading and selecting the prompt at the top of your screen.


Filling in the infobox

This is an example of the source version of an infobox about PewDiePie.

|title = PewDiePie
|username = PewDiePie
|image = PewDiePie.png
|style = Gaming
|join date = December 28, 2015
|Twitter = pewdiepie
|Facebook = pewdiepie
|Instagram = pewdiepie
|other media = [ Website]
|vids = 4.1K+
|update = Daily
|status = Active
|collab = Markiplier • Jacksepticeye • MrBeast
|full name = Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellburg
|nationality = Swedish
|residence = United Kingdom
|channel trailer = [[File:filename|thumb|225 px]]
|most viewed video = [[File:filename|thumb|225 px]]
|first video = [[File:filename|thumb|225 px]]
|wiki = pewdiepie

Above, is an example of the PewDiePie YouTuber infobox. Please keep the order of the parameters the same (eg. Facebook under Twitter and most viewed video under channel trailer).

NOTE: Do not jam this infobox together, keep it spread out like above. If you do not know some of the information in the infobox, leave the parameter blank, do not remove it. Remember to create your infoboxes in source mode only!


The title is what will be above the infobox. Simply put the name of the YouTube channel.


A username is a definite phrase or a random assortment of letters and number in the URL of the YouTuber's channel. For example, in the URL, the word jacksepticeye is the username and in the URL, the assortment UCDpAJMYiqRtwJpIcYD2Vd8w is the username. For YouTubers who have a set username, use the template YouTuber, and for those who don't have a set URL, use YouTuber1.


Here, add an image using the button to the right. After you upload the image, remove the [[File:]] code so it looks something like this: PewDiePie.jpg.

If you have multiple pictures (i.e. appearance picture or logo of the YouTuber) please put them in this order:

Filename2.ext|YouTube Icon
  • Note: The "Appearance" tab is not required if the YouTuber already has their appearance on their YouTube Icon, or they have not disclosed the appearance.


This is an optional field.

This field is to be used in case of channel name conflicts, since two pages with a similar name cannot exist together. Giving the article name a short description in brackets, this field is to correct the "Profile" label to show the original channel name. Thus here, the exact name of the channel is required.

Additionally, it can also be used on infoboxes used for YouTubers' secondary channels.


Here, add the YouTuber's style (genre). If your YouTuber does more than one style, separate them using commas.

join date

Here, add when your YouTuber first joined YouTube, in the format [Month name] [date], [year]. You can find this on the 'About' section of their channel.


Here, add the @ of the YouTuber's Twitter account, without the @ symbol. For example, to write T-Series' Twitter account which is @TSeries, you would write TSeries without the @, which will give

in the Twitter label on the infobox. If they have more than one account, make another parameter by adding |Twitter2 = underneath the original one, which can be done till Twitter5.


Here, add your YouTuber's Facebook account. If they have more than one account, make another parameter by adding |Facebook2 = underneath the original one.


Here, add your YouTuber's Instagram account. If they have more than one account, make another parameter by adding |Instagram2 = underneath the original one.

other media

Here, you can link some of your YouTuber's other media. Some common other media are their official website, TikTok, or their Subreddit. To link their other media use the following format: [url Website name]


Here, add the number of videos your YouTuber currently has. This information can be sourced from Social Blade or beside the YouTuber's icon if you search for them on YouTube. If your YouTuber is active or semi-active, add a + after the number of videos to show that the amount may increase over time. You should shorten it (e.g. 1K+, 1.7K+, etc.) to save more time.


Here, add your YouTuber's video upload schedule. If they do not have one, type Unscheduled in. Some common schedules: Daily, Twice a week, Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly.


Here, add your YouTuber's status. Acceptable statuses: Active, Semi-Active, and Inactive.


Here, add your YouTuber's associates. If they have more than one, separate them using the &bull; code.

full name

Here, add your YouTuber's real name. If they have not released this information, leave this blank. This is not necessary for companies, YouTube channels that are not revolving around the owner[s] of the channel, etc. If the YouTuber's last name is unknown, you can add just their first name.


Here, add your YouTuber's nationality. Example: American, English, Australian etc.


Here, add where your YouTuber is currently residing in the form of city, state, country (e.g. Los Angeles, California, United States).

Note- Add only if at least the state or province of the YouTuber is known. (It is possible to find the province/state if they have disclosed only their city/town of residence.)

channel trailer

Here, add your YouTuber's channel trailer. Do not just add the link to it, upload it to the page, and make it 225 pixels and a thumbnail for it to be centered.

most viewed video

Here, add your YouTuber's most viewed video. You can source this from "Videos > Uploads > Most popular". Do not just add the link to it, upload it to the page, and make it 225 pixels and a thumbnail for it to be centered.

first video

Here, add your YouTuber's first video. You can source this from "Videos > Uploads > Date added (oldest)". Make it 225 pixels and a thumbnail for it to be centered.


Icons are the little pictures at the top right corner, which can help readers understand the channel's background and stats.

Different types of Icons

  • Nationalities
    • Example: American, English, Australian etc.
NOTE: *Only add where your YouTuber was BORN in, not residing in.
  • If the name of the country has two words (eg. South Korea, Sri Lanka), type the nationality and cancel the space between the words (eg. SouthKorean, SriLankan).
  • The nationality "British" is not accepted. Instead, the nationalities are of the four states of the United Kingdom, i.e., English, NorthernIrish, Scottish and Welsh, including the nationality for the microstate of Isle of Man (Manx) are accepted.
  • New Zealand and Hong Kong do not have defined demonyms. Therefore, even though the category for them are New Zealand YouTubers and Hong Kong YouTubers respectively, the icon code for New Zealand NewZealander and that of Hong Kong is HongKonger.
  • Style of YouTuber
    • Gaming
    • Vlogger
    • Commentary
    • Prankster
    • Animator
    • Cooking
    • Comedy
    • Artist
    • Anime
    • Reviewer
    • Reactor
    • Pooper
    • Film
    • Beauty
    • Musician
    • News
    • Sports
    • Tech
    • Meme
  • Milestones
    • 1 million subscribers (1)
    • 5 million subscribers (5)
    • 10 million subscribers (10)
    • 20 million subscribers (20)
    • 50 million subscribers (50)
    • 100 million subscribers (100)
    • 1 billion views (Billion)
  • Gender
    • Male
    • Female
  • User joined in
    • 2004-2022
  • YouTuber
  • Wikitubia-related
    • full-p (fully protected page [temporarily])
    • perm-p (fully protected page [permanently])
    • semi-p (semi protected page)
    • HallofFame (Hall of Fame member)
    • Featured (was featured on the main page)
  • Other
    • LGBT
    • Wiki (page uses material from Wikipedia)
    • Deceased
    • Terminated
    • Interview (links to YouTuber interviews)
    • Verified (Creators with a Fandom account, who also have a page on the site)

Order of Icons

The following is the order in which Icons should normally be used:
{{Icons|Wikitubia-related|Wiki|Subscriber Milestones|Billion|Style|Nationality|Gender|Join year|LGBT|Deceased|Terminated|YouTuber|Verified}}

NOTE: You do not have to use all of the above icons; just the ones relevant to the YouTuber.

Example of Icons

This page is fully protected permanently
This page contains material from Wikipedia
Editing tutorial has more than One Million Subscribers
Editing tutorial has more than Five Million Subscribers
Editing tutorial has more than One Billion Views
Editing tutorial plays video games
Editing tutorial focuses on Anime
Editing tutorial is from the United States
Editing tutorial created their account in 2020
Editing tutorial is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Editing tutorial is a Content Creator on YouTube

Check out the top right of this article.

First paragraph

The first paragraph in your article should summarise your YouTuber.


'''[REAL NAME]''' (born: {{Birthdate|YYYY|MM|DD}}), better known online as '''[CHANNEL NAME]''', is a(n) [nationality] [style] YouTuber. [Some of their background and relevant info].


Main article: MrBeast

Jimmy Donaldson (born: May 7, 1998 (1998-05-07) [age 24]), better known online as MrBeast (formerly MrBeast6000), is an American YouTuber residing in Greenville, North Carolina. He is known for his videos that often consist of him either donating a lot of money, saying or reading long words or repeating them, or doing a specific task for hours or even days on end. With unrelenting passion and devotion to finishing arduous, yet creative, challenges, Jimmy has become an extremely popular YouTuber in recent years.

The rest of your article

The rest of the article is up to you! Make sure to keep the article interesting and relevant for your readers. If you have a writers' block, feel free to check out the bigger pages like PewDiePie and MrBeast. You can add pictures along the way to make the page look more attractive. Add citations by tying <ref> url </ref> Split the article into sections by typing ==Section heading==. Add subsections by adding an extra = on each side.


Templates have been made by either other editors of this wiki or by 'Default'.


Main article: Template:Stub

This template tells readers that your page is a short page with less than 5 sentences or 2.4K bytes. Place this template by typing in {{Stub}} below the {{Icons}} template.


Main article: Template:Delete

This template is for pages that don't meet either the rules, the manual of style, or both. It automatically adds the page to Candidates for deletion, where admins can delete the page. Place this template by typing in {{Delete|[reason for deletion]}} at the very top.


Main article: Template:Quote

This template makes a quote-box in which editors can place one of the YouTuber's well-known quotes. Place this template by typing {{Quote|[quote]}} below the YouTuber infobox.


Main article: Template:Cleanup

This template makes a notice that the article or section that they're reading doesn't meet Wikitubia's quality standards and should be updated. Place this template by typing in {{Cleanup}} at the top of the article that you don't feel is high-quality.


Main article: Template:Main

This template is for linking one page (or subpage) to another. Place this template by typing in {{Main|[article you're linking to]}} under any section heading.


Main article: Template:Wikipedia

This template is a notice that the article uses material from Wikipedia. Place this template by typing in {{Wikipedia}} at the very bottom. If the page on Wikipedia uses a different name use {{Wikipedia|<Wikipedia page name>}} instead.


Main article: Template:Reflist

This template is a customized substitute for <references/>. Place this template by typing in {{Reflist}} under your last section heading (which should be References).


Categories are a way to sort similar pages together. List of all the categories on this wiki: Special:Categories. Gender categories are not required on articles about companies, or about non-binary people.

Approved categories

  • YouTubers*
  • Style
    • Anime YouTubers
    • Beauty YouTubers
    • Commentary YouTubers
    • Cooking YouTubers
    • Educational YouTubers
    • Film YouTubers
    • Gaming YouTubers
    • News YouTubers
    • Sports YouTubers
    • Tech YouTubers
    • YouTube Animators
    • YouTube Artists
    • YouTube Comedians
    • YouTube Poopers
    • YouTube Pranksters
    • YouTube Reactors
    • YouTube Reviewers
    • YouTube Vloggers
    • Meme YouTubers
  • Nationalities
    • Example: American, English, Australian etc.
NOTE: Only add where your YouTuber was BORN, not residing in.
  • Gender
    • Male YouTubers
    • Female YouTubers
  • Users who joined in:
    • 2004-2022
  • Milestones
    • One billion views
    • One million subscribers
    • Two million subscribers
    • Three million subscribers
    • Four million subscribers
    • Five million subscribers
    • Ten million subscribers and all the way up to One hundred million subscribers every 5 million subscribers.
  • Other
    • Hall of Fame*
    • Featured Channels
    • Most Subscribed Channels
    • LGBT YouTubers
    • Verified YouTubers
    • Stubs*
    • Candidates for cleanup*
    • Candidates for deletion*
    • Deceased YouTubers
    • Citations needed*
    • Terminated YouTubers
  • YouTube
    • History of YouTube
  • Staff
    • Rollbackers*
    • Content Moderators*
    • Discussions Moderators*
    • Administrators*
    • Bureaucrats*
  • Wikitubia-related
    • Administration of this site
    • Community
    • Templates
    • Userboxes

* Are automatically added when the respective templates are prepended.

What you should do

  • Use all of the information above to create a great article!
  • Provide sources for not well-known stuff like quotes, and for all controversy.
  • Write edit summaries for bigger/controversial edits so other editors know where your stand is.
  • Think of edits from other editors as good faith ones.
  • Listen to other editors and users.

What you shouldn't do

  • Vandalise or spam.
  • Undo war with other editors.
  • Abuse other editors.
  • Repeatedly ask for user rights from an admin or bureaucrat.
  • Use bots without a bot flag.

Common mistakes

  • Stub template: Please do not put the {{Stub}} template above the {{Icons}} template, put it underneath it.
  • Capitalizing: Please do not capitalise vlogger or gamer etcetera as they do not need to be capitalized.
  • Language: You are free to use your choice of variant of English - UK or US.
  • References: Please do not put in the <references/> code in. Instead, use the {{Reflist}} template.
  • Linking: Do not add the whole url to link to another page on this wiki, simply add a link to it by putting the article name inside [[]].
  • Numbers: If you are writing the YouTuber's position or mentioning about numbers in an article, remember to write them in words instead of numerals, unless you are mentioning about one's subscribers.
  • Do not add too many images to a gallery which are not related to the YouTube channel, or the YouTuber's personal life. Wikitubia is NOT your personal image repository, and too much accumulation of such images might be deleted. Keep the gallery section neat, and in case of too many images relating the YouTuber's YouTube life, use a scrollbar.
  • If the YouTuber has their channel's name in small caps, you will have to add {{Lc}} at the end of the page to display the name in lowercase. In that case, the title field in the infobox has to be used to turn it into lowercase as well.
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