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This interview was conducted via Discord on December 12, 2020, by Nintendofan885.

FraserIRL is a YouTuber with over 7,000 subscribers.

Q1: How and when did you discover YouTube?

  • I think it was back in 2007 ish! I used to play Habbo Hotel and someone recorded us all dancing in their Habbo room and uploaded it to YouTube. I had to bypass the parent filter to watch it, but that was my first ever interaction with YouTube! I haven't ever found that video since though, I would love to watch it again.

Q2: How many YouTube videos do you think you've watched in your lifetime?

  • Thousands. If not tens of thousands. Way too many. I wish I had a life statistic for this!

Q3: How many YouTube channels do you think you are currently subscribed to?

  • At a guess I'm probably subscribed to a good few hundred channels, but I only really regularly watch a few (shout out to David Dobrik, I miss your uploads). I don't actually use the subscription feed as much as I did anymore! I'm definitely a "recommended section surfer" now, then I end up subscribing to the channels so the recommended section knows I want to watch them more! I should really use my subscription feed...

Q4: Can you remember who was the first YouTuber that you subscribed to?

  • I'm pretty sure it was Syndicate! One of the first videos I remember watching which properly got me into watching YouTube was his first "SeaNanners Stole My Style" video, I'm pretty sure it was on the "trending" or "popular" section of the original built-in iOS YouTube app with the old fashioned TV icon and then I found more of his content, including The Minecraft Project, from there! I subscribed, watched all of The Minecraft Project (the rebooted version) up until about episode 15 or 16 when he started building his armoury and then I was all caught up!

tl;dr TheSyndicateProject

Q5: Who is the most subscribed YouTube channel that is subscribed to you?

  • KreekCraft! We met back when I had about 1k and he had 7k, so I'm super proud to see him in that top spot with 2.73M :)

Q6: Who was the first YouTuber that you were a fan of?

  • Definitely TheSyndicateProject, as he got me into playing Minecraft properly. I was so much of a fan that I wanted to copy his house!!

Q7: Do you have a favorite and least favorite video that you have uploaded?

  • I've got a fair few, but one of the ones I'm super proud of is "I asked 20 YouTubers to write a story" - it's a video where I asked 20 different YouTubers to contribute two lines of their choice to a completely unplanned story, picking up from where the last person left off. It was one of my biggest projects with so many different creators and took so much time, but it all paid off and turned out really well. I don't really have a least favourite, but you can definitely see the progression from the quality and editing style of my first 50-100 videos!

Q8: Do you watch your own videos after you upload them?

  • I always do after I've rendered them as I sometimes miss something in editing that you can only pick up by re-watching, but I don't always watch in full after it's uploaded as I already watched it after rendering! Usually it's just for key points like if I inserted a card at the write time, if I've put in the end cards etc, that sort of stuff.

Q9: Does any of your family members watch your videos?

  • Not regularly, or at least they haven't told me anyway! My boss recently watched my "I got banned from OnlyFans" video though... OF ALL VIDEOS.

Q10: Have you ever met a fan of your videos other than your family and friends?

  • I have met viewers at conventions and it's such a surreal experience! Everyone I've met is so lovely and it's crazy to think that people want to say hi to me, take selfies and all that. Some have even given gifts, from framed artwork to adopting a Quokka (my favourite animal) on my behalf! Some of them arrange for a Discord community meetup while the convention is going on and it's great to go and take the time to chat and hang out while we can as well as bring along my friends to say hi too! Shout out to the squad, they're the best!

Q11: You currently have over 7,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, did you ever think you would have that many subscribers?

  • Not at all! I had a couple of channels before my current channel (keeping them secret for a future video ;) ) and the maximum one of them got up to was about 180 subscribers, so anything beyond that seemed completely alien to me!

Q12: What are your lifetime subscriber and video view goals?

  • I'd love to hit 10,000 subscribers. Of course I'd love to get up to a million too with a high average viewership per video, but as someone who uploads for fun whilst maintaining a full-time job, I don't know if I'll get there without full focus! 10,000 subs seems achievable (hopefully!)

Q13: What was your lifetime subscriber and video view goal when you first started uploading YouTube videos?

  • When I first started uploading to my current channel I just wanted to pass my previous channel's 180 subscribers and then secondly hit 1,000 subscribers. I had no goals beyond that!

Q14: How long do you think YouTube will last?

  • I think YouTube will be around for a pretty long time, I don't think it'll go anywhere anytime soon!

Q15: How long do you think you will be uploading YouTube videos?

  • As long as I enjoy it!

Q16: What advice would you give to someone who is trying to make videos on YouTube?

  • Have fun! It's so easy to tell if someone's enjoying recording a video, and if you're enjoying it, chances are others will too!
  • Set a realistic upload schedule and stick to it so viewers know when to come back.
  • You don't need high end expensive equipment to start out!
  • Confidence is key!

Q17: What is the future for you and your channel?

  • Continue to focus on uploading the videos I enjoy and stream what I enjoy too. The big switch from a purely "gaming focused" channel to a variety "entertainment/gaming content" channel happened earlier this year and I'm super happy I made the switch. I'm looking to shake-up my stream content at some point in the future! If I ever got the opportunity to transform this into a full-time career, I'd 100% jump on that!

Q18: What was the video that you think helped blow up your channel?

  • I wouldn't put it down to one particular video, but instead I'd say that a few of them have helped over time without me ever expecting them to! One of the most recent popular videos, "I edited a Peppa Pig video for fun", attracted a whole new audience to the channel and helped me gain quite a few subscribers! But I'd definitely say back in 2016 when I did a week of streaming just before I moved house really helped the channel, I gained 1,000 subscribers in that week alone!

Q19: Do you have a job other then YouTube, if so what is your occupation?

  • I do! I work in IT - long story short I tell people to turn their computer off and on again, as well as focusing on server administration and networking. I'd love to turn YouTube into a full-time job if the opportunity ever came around 🙂

Q20: Have you ever done an interview like this before?

  • I've never done one for a website before, so thanks for being the first! :)