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This page is a manual that describes how to create a quality article on Wikitubia.


The general structure for YouTuber pages to be maintained is as follows:

  1. Icons
  2. Any notice templates
  3. Infobox
  4. Lead section
  5. History / YouTube career
  6. Other headings custom to the page
  7. Personal life
  8. Controversies
  9. Channel milestones
    1. Subscriber milestones
    2. Video view milestones
  11. Trivia
  12. Gallery
  13. References
  14. {{Wikipedia}}
  15. Categories

You are free to decide the format a non-YouTuber article will use, but always keep the icons and infobox at the top, and the references and categories at the bottom.


Main article: /Icons and Categories#Icons


Main article: /Infobox

Lead section

Lead section refers to the part of your article between the infobox and the first heading.


On Wikitubia, the following format is to be followed in the lead section:

'''Real Name''' (Language name: {{lang|ISO 639|Name in native language if applicable}}; born: {{Birthdate|YYYY|MM|DD}}), better known online as '''Channel Name''', is a(n) nationality genre YouTuber. [Some of their background and relevant info.]


Main article: MrBeast

Jimmy Donaldson (born: May 7, 1998 (1998-05-07) [age 26]), better known online as MrBeast (formerly MrBeast6000), is an American YouTuber residing in Greenville, North Carolina. He is known for his videos that often consist of him either donating a lot of money, saying or reading long words or repeating them, or doing a specific task for hours or even days on end. With unrelenting passion and devotion to finishing arduous, yet creative, challenges, Jimmy has become an extremely popular YouTuber in recent years.

Personal life

  • Information presented in this section must be well-sourced.
  • Avoid revealing information that YouTuber has forbidden from sharing and/or would not like to find on a publicly viewable site.


  • Make sure to maintain a neutral point of view when writing in this section.
  • Abide by the wiki's facts policy.

Channel milestones


  • Add popular and unique quotes by the YouTuber as a list — one quote per item — and enclose them in quotation marks.
    • Generic phrases like "let's start the video" and "subscribe and hit the bell" should be avoided.
  • Each quote should preferably be accompanied by a source of a video where it can be found.


  • The trivia section must always be related to the subject of the article.
  • Facts already covered in the main body should not be repeated here.
  • Information that can be easily derived from another statement should not be placed, e.g. zodiac signs from birthday; unless it is the only publicised fact.


  • The gallery can contain images of the YouTuber, of the YouTuber with their associates, or screenshots of their videos.
  • Wikitubia is not your personal image repository. Add images pertaining to the subject, but galleries should not be used to bloat up a page in case of a lack of article content.


This section must only contain the {{reflist}} template.


Main article: /Icons and Categories#Categories

General guidelines

  • For two or more channels with the same name, the one with the most subscribers retains the original name, while subsequent pages carry the channel name according to the unique handle. For example, MrBeast and MrBeast (@user-uv1rl3kz5x).
    • A DISPLAYTITLE magic word can be added to the subsequent pages to display only the channel name.
    • The title and channel fields in the infobox must be used for subsequent pages.
  • Some channels contain small letters as the first character in their names, which MediaWiki does not allow in a page name.
    • For channels with names in small caps, place the {{lc}} template just after {{Icons}}.
    • For channels with names that start in small letters but also contain capital letters, place a DISPLAYTITLE magic word on the page just after {{Icons}}.
  • For YouTubers whose native language is officially written in a non-Latin script, insert their real name in their native language, after their English-translated name, as shown in §Format. If the YouTuber uploads videos in a language other than their native language, insert both.
  • You are free to use local spelling variants of the English language, but they must be consistent throughout a page.
  • The correct spellings are YouTube and YouTuber, not Youtube or Youtuber.
  • Italicise names of video games, books, films, YouTube/TV series, music albums, songs, paintings, and ships—but not YouTube videos, which should be in quotation marks.
  • Divide your content up into paragraphs. No one wants to be hit in the face with a wall of text. Paragraphs neaten up the page and make it easier and less tiring to read!
  • Make sure to cite at least 3 sources appropriately using <ref> tags, using {{Cite web}}, {{Cite news}}, {{Cite tweet}}, or {{Cite YouTube}} is also optional.
  • Instead of adding the <references /> tag, use the {{Reflist}} template.


  • An image of the icon of a channel must be uploaded in at least a 900×900 pixel size, and should not contain any additional editing.
  • All images uploaded to the wiki should preferably be tagged with a license, from the license dropdown provided on the upload page.
  • Follow the image rules.
  • When a YouTuber changes their profile image, do not upload a separate image. Instead, go to the file description page and click "Upload a new version of this file" under the File history to upload a new version of it.
    • This will ensure that the older profile images are archived and retrievable, and will also help keep the wiki clean of redundant files.


Templates are pages made to be transcluded to other pages. Some other templates commonly used on pages are:


  • {{Stub}} – used to tag pages over 2,000 bytes but below 3,500 bytes as per rule C:1:17.
  • {{Cleanup}} – used to tag pages or sections that violate the Manual of Style, but are generally fixable with some effort.
  • {{NeedsCitations}} – used to tag pages that do not cite any sources, and/or lack sources in critical parts of the page
  • {{Delete}} – used to tag pages that violate one of the rules on the wiki and/or grossly violate the Manual of Style.
  • {{Outdated}} – used to tag pages or sections that contain content which is outdated.
  • {{Biased}} – used to tag sections that have content which may be biased towards a specific viewpoint, thus violating rule C:1:9.
  • {{Incompletesection}} – used to mark a section as being under construction. Its use should be avoided, and instead you can consider completing the page in your sandbox before creating it in the mainspace.


  • {{Wikipedia}} – placed at the very bottom of articles to denote that it uses content from Wikipedia.
  • {{Reflist}} – placed under the References heading to list out all the citations added to the page.
  • {{Main}} – placed under section headings to link to another page or subpage that covers the topic in more detail.
  • {{Socialblade}}, {{TubeBuddy}}, {{Nox}} – appropriately placed under the Channel milestones heading to indicate that the dates may not be accurate due to timezone differences.
  • {{Interview}} – used to link to a Wikitubia interview of the YouTuber.

Design / miscellaneous

  • {{Cite}} – placed after a part of the page which may require additional citations to remain on the page.
  • {{v}} – used to cite edits by verified YouTubers as a source.
  • {{Quote}} – used to place stylised quotes on articles, preferably just before the lead section.
  • {{sic}} – used to place the [sic] notation after transcribed parts.
  • {{BIRTHYEAR}} – can be used instead of Birthdate when only the year of birth of the YouTuber is known.
  • {{W}} – used to easily link to Wikipedia pages.
  • {{wiki}} – used to easily link to pages on other Fandom wikis
  • {{Circa}} – used on milestones if no exact date is applied on them but the month & year or year.