Verified YouTubers is a role given to users on Wikitubia that have an article about them. This role is used so the Wikitubia Staff and mostly normal contributors will know if the YouTuber themselves are editing their own article.

How to become a Verified YouTuber

You can direct message (DM) the Wikitubia Twitter Account (@TheYouTubeWiki) and let one of the admins know you are indeed the YouTuber. To verify that you are the YouTuber controlling that Twitter account, make sure you are linking your Twitter account in your channel about tab, or in the description of your latest videos.

If you do not own a Twitter account, you can email us ( using the email that is shown on your YouTube account and let us know from there.

Q: Why can't we verify through the message wall?

The main reason we cannot allow verification through an admin's message wall is that we cannot be for certain if it's the YouTuber 100 percent of the time. If one of the admins were to ask for proof, and with FANDOM allowing you to post any images, GIFs, and videos, admins won't be able to tell if you are creating the image/GIF or using the image/GIF, so we cannot verify.

Difference between 'creating' and 'using'

Creating is simply you taking a screenshot, a GIF, or video. If it's all from your hands, you created it.

Using is stealing someone's image, GIF, or videos. Even if you are allowed to use it, you are not the owner. And using the message wall for instance, the image that is likely not created by the impersonator will be used as "proof" and can let the impersonator get away with it and become a Verified YouTuber.

Here is a list of all our Verified YouTubers.

If there are any other questions, contact one of our admins.

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