Wikizilla makes Educational Videos
Wikizilla is from the United States
Wikizilla created their account in 2013
Wikizilla is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Wikizilla is an American YouTube channel based off the website of the same name that focuses on informative kaiju videos. 

YouTube History


During the beginning of the channel, it was not exactly about the website but it was mainly about random kaiju videos such as gameplays of Godzilla Video games or random videos showcasing the sound effects of certain Godzilla monsters. But towards the end of 2016 things changed with a reboot in's management led to the channel becoming a different kind of Godzilla channel.


With this reboot came new series. The channel mainly became about a new series called Kaiju Profile. Kaiju Profile focused on the history of a kaiju either from a certain era or just the entire kaiju depending on how many different incarnations of the monster there were. As well as one-off videos about other parts of Godzilla and other kaiju movie franchises.


The website is what the channel Wikizilla is based on. The website used to be a part of back when it was created in 2005. But in July of 2016, the website became independent and got a new owner in a user named Titanolante. Since then Wikizilla has become one of the biggest Godzilla information websites along with Gojipedia.