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Brandon Dukert "Brug" Orson (born: June 21, 2000 (2000-06-21) [age 24]), better known online as WildSpartanz (or spatnz), is an American YouTuber. His videos usually consist of reactionary content, featuring him and several of his friends reacting to a cluster of content relating to one topic. However, he has branched over occasionally to contest videos that have his friends competing to make content relating to a theme he has given. Brandon has a second channel where he makes short commentary videos on various breaking news.

He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the "discord bubble" editing style, which features both the Discord profile pictures of the people involved in the video on the top and the corresponding subtitles on the bottom. Brandon is rarely by himself, he is usually accompanied by his main friend group bizly, Kingani, Weest, BluesDank, and a few others including JschlattLIVE.


Brandon started his channel in 2012. He used to make LeafyIsHere-style start and stop reactionary videos . He then switched to gameplay videos before moving on to commentary in 2016.


Commentary YouTuber Kavos made a video criticizing WildSpartanz for a lack of preparation for his videos, claiming that Wildspartanz often mispronounced words and had a general lack of quality control. Kavos also claimed that WildSpartanz had been purposely stretching his videos above 10 minutes (a trick generally used for gaining more ad revenue back in 2016 - 2018)

WildSpartanz responded to Kavos with a video called, "Content Police", a reactionary video similar to Content Cop, a series produced by iDubbbzTV made to criticize others who have done some arguably ignorant things. Kavos then responded again to pick apart several of Brandons claims, and to criticize more about his content, which touched on both the repetitiveness and hypocrisy of Brandons videos.