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Brandon Dukert "Brug" Orson (born: June 21, 2000 (2000-06-21) [age 19]), better known online as WildSpartanz, is an American YouTube personality who currently resides in California. He is well known for sharing Reddit posts on a certain topic that are mainly top posts. He used to make more controversial videos in the past, he was well-known for his rants and exposing videos. Ever since switching to Reddit videos, his channel has made a bigger following.


Brandon started his channel in 2012. He used to make LeafyIsHere-like videos. He also used to make gaming videos back then before moving on to commentary in 2016.


WildSpartanz has been considered "The worst rant channel on YouTube", or "The worst commentator on YouTube". A YouTuber known as Kavos made a video on WildSpartanz for mispronouncing words, little preparation before making his videos, repeats himself using the same lines or words and his editing mistakes for already showing the answers WildSpartanz is questioning. Kavos also exposed WildSpartanz for purposely stretching his videos above 10 minutes due to very lengthy outros.

WildSpartanz responded to Kavos with a video called, "Content Police", which was a response to Kavos. WildSpartanz said in the video that the series is original. Kavos responded again and saying it's unoriginal due to "Content Police" being similar with the series, Content Cop, by iDubbbzTV and also having an intro that is occasionally like iDubbbz's Content Cop introductions. WildSpartanz said that Kavos mentioned him as an "attention whore", but Kavos responded saying that he never called WildSpartanz that. Kavos also mentions that WildSpartanz copies off ImAllexx 50% of the time. WildSpartanz mentioned about his editing and how people can respond to criticism and hate. Chris Ray Gun and Pyrocynical told him to tone down the zoom in editing WildSpartanz does, and he did, but he said it was said to make him do less editing, but Kavos said that there are more things to edit other than zooming in. Kavos also called WildSpartanz a "hypocrite" for Wild once saying in a video about responding to hate, to apologize, but WildSpartanz did not apologize for his possible mistakes. Kavos also mentioned about WildSpartanz stretching out his videos purposely, not making a 5 second outro, but over 40 second outros. WildSpartanz also attempted to call out Kavos for being a hypocrite for allegedly repeating himself too. Kavos responded by saying he said it multiple times because he had multiple points to further prove with that type of topic. After, Kavos shared in the response to Kavos that he was repeating himself too. Ever since Kavos and WildSpartanz made their first videos on each other, they both had a high dislike ratio, but after Kavos's second response, WildSpartanz has gained more dislikes, and a lot more on the 'Content Police' video ever since Kavos's success on YouTube.

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