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William Ethan Lenney (born: March 11, 1996 (1996-03-11) [age 23]), better known online as WillNE, is a British vlogger commonly associated with BGMedia, the Sidemen, StephenTries, ImAllexx and Memeulous. Lenney is well-known for his reaction videos. He is frequently mistaken as Steve from the popular videogame Minecraft. WillNE used to have an old channel that was deleted after he became an internet sensation. The channel went by the name 'Lil Blockhead' where he posted his soundcloud free styles for the world to see. Such as the famous song "I'm gonna yeet ur mother" where he makes "statements" like "I'm gonna pull up in my Ford Fiesta" and "Come to Newcastle and i'll shank your nan". Will has teased the comeback however with the title of his new EP 'Suck ur mum' but at this point in time it's unknown if this is Lil Blockhead's or Will's EP.

Personal Life

Lenney was raised in Whitley Bay.


Lenney has been private about his relationship status in the past but many of his fans speculate that he has shared a romantic relationship with Miniminter , StephenTries and TrueGeordie. He has confirmed that he's dating a girl named Mia in the 19th episode of Campcast - a podcast of his roommate Alex (ImAllexx) and fellow youtuber James Marriott.

WillNE vs Morgz Mum

Since around December 2018, Will has been in a subscriber battle with Jill Hudson or better known as Morgz Mum. At first it was just a casual mention by Will saying she was closing in on him in sub count, but she seemingly knows who he is and mocked him after she overtook his channel. Will decided to make an advertisement on Youtube and Twitter featuring people like Stephen Tries, ImAllexx, and other friends and subscribers.

He explained how he mapped out the whole idea in the video I Bought Ads For My Youtube Channel to fight back and overtake Morgz Mum again. Introducing the movement #Sub2WillNE. Many of his subscribers joined in by making posters, buying Billboards, printing out Will's flyer and posting them everywhere and many other things to get people to subscribe to his channel.

In the next TWOTI video he explained she wasn't pleased and decided to throw darts at a picture of his face among other things to mock Will. Will retaliated by saying they - he and the subs - cannot lose to a middle aged woman from Sheffield, UK.

In the TWOTI video Belle Delphine Responds To My Video, Will says she responded. In TWOTI before this one he - in company of Alex - spend 2.500 pounds on her Patreon. Not in interest of her "NSFW" pictures, but because he is desperate to gain on Jill again. They video chatted and talked strategies on how to do this. Will later showed the video to Alex and George; she says Morgz' Mum needed to be stopped, shot with a pistol on a doll with Jill's face plastered on it several times and an AK-47 in the background. She also throws the doll down a flight of stairs. Meaning she choses Will's side.


Most viewed video

WillNE's most viewed video is the video "WORLDS CRINGIEST CHILDREN EVER MAKE GRIME"[1]
It has, as of January 16, 2019, 4.666 Million views.
It has also reported made WillNE a measly 2.3 thousand dollhairs.

Subscriber rankings

All of these statistics are as of January 16, 2019. According to SocialBlade,

  • WillNE
    • 4,212th most subsubscribed
    • 9,066th most viewed
    • 17,537,130 views for the last 30 days
    • 134,951 subscribers for the last 30 days
  • S2W
    • 13,802nd most subsubscribed
    • 44,299th most viewed
    • 4,940,010 views for the last 30 days
    • 46,986 subscribers for the last 30 days


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