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William Sledd (born October 11, 1983 (1983-10-11) [age 36]) is an American vlogger and internet celebrity, made famous by his online videos and blogs, which include the popular "Ask A Gay Man" series launched in 2006, which made him one of the first YouTube celebrities. Since the late 2000s he has been vlogging under the title What William Thinks, and focusses on his work as a social media manager


William got an iMac in 2004/2005 and started experimenting with making videos. He self-taught his video skills. He says he did not have a set goal but was speaking his mind on fashion, also it was like a secret diary when he first started, unknown to anyone in his hometown. He first posted almost weekly and asked viewers to submit questions which become the subjects of future episodes. Subsequently, he posted every two weeks, and each video ran four to five minutes

William was one of the fastest-growing and most viewed director/bloggers on YouTube, ranking in the top ten Most Subscribed (All-Time) category as of November 2006. On September 23, 2006, his personal YouTube account was illegally hacked and all his content (including videos, comments, honours, etc.) was deleted. William then recorded a brief response to the criminals and went on to re-upload select videos.

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