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Eric Hraab, better known online as  WoWcrendor, is an American gaming YouTuber.


He mostly creates videos of the game World of Warcraft, hence the WOW in his name. He also plays other games, one of them being Hearthstone, a card game that was made by Blizzard. Crendor is known for being in a pair consisting of himself and Jesse Cox (OMFGcata), and they makes a podcast (which has recently been put on a more frequent schedule) named Cox n' Crendor in the morning.



WoWCrendor is the channel which Crendor uploads all of his gaming-related content to, whether it be a WoW Machinima or a session of him playing Hearthstone.


CrendorIRL is the channel which Crendor uploads all of his 'High-quality non-content' (meaning real life videos that are at a very high quality, but have little point to them).

Cox n' Crendor

Cox n' Crendor is the channel which Crendor co-owns with Cox|Jesse Cox where the two upload highlights from their podcast, Cox n' Crendor In The Morning.




  • Fishing with Crendor
  • Levelling in WoW
  • Hearthstone





  • High-Quality Non-Content


  • Crendor is known to be a very good friend of TotalBiscuit, Dodger, Strippin and Jesse Cox.
  • Crendor has the most appearances on The Podcast|Co-Optional Podcast, currently having 11 guest appearances (each on seperate episodes) to his name. Hence, Jesse has stated that he's "like the fifth beatle" and as such, some consider him more of a occasional side host than a guest at this point.
  • Crendor hosts a podcast with his friend, Jesse Cox called Cox n' Crendor in the Morning. The podcast's structure is taken directly from American Morning news shows.
  • He is partnered with the Polaris network.
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