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Lyle, better known online as Wrath Club (formerly Guitarmasterx7), is an American voice actor. He works in the Master Chief Series and BrawlGasm. He is also the co-writer of White Pheonix, Gears No More, and ex Sanity Not Included writer, all of which were created by Dexter Manning. He is also the creator and head admin of FreeSoundtrack, a special account where people can post their music on YouTube. His most popular video and most viewed to date is Halo 4: Start a New Fight, which has made over 1 million views. His most popular episode of BrawlGasm is episode one, with over 600,000 views, and Master Chief: Pirates of the Caribbean for the Master Chief series which has over 300,000 views. By episode eight of BrawlGasm, Guitarmasterx7 has given all his machinimation rights to machinima, which was first mentioned in his video Selling Out FTW! (later it was re-uploaded and renamed).


He has done two collabs, Beans and Peach's Slutty BrawlGasm with Dexter Manning and Shippiddge.


  • During Michael Buckley's competition of Mr. YouTube, in which fans can vote for their favorite person to become Mr. YouTube, Guitarmasterx7 acquired 30 votes.
  • He is a close friend to The Creatures and use to have a segment in their podcast.
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