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XQcOW created their account in 2015
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Félix Lengyel (born: November 12, 1995 (1995-11-12) [age 25]), better known online as xQcOW (or simply xQc), is a Canadian Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and competitive gamer on Overwatch. Félix is known for playing as a tank for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup and has also played other games such as League of Legends and Starcraft. He is best known for his livestreams on Twitch.


At one point when Félix first started out, he decided to change his Username, he thought about 'xQc' as a Possible Name. Though when he went to verify the Name, he instead pressed validate, which then gave him the Name without any Confirmation if it was available or not. He Accepted the Name, partially due to him not wanting to pay another $15 for a Second Name change.

In 2016, Félix joined an Overwatch E-Sports team named Q? and played as a tank for the team. In 2017, Dallas Fuel of the Overwatch League announced that Félix would be joining their roster. Though when competing in the team, he has caused multiple controversies and was ultimately released from Dallas Fuel in March 11, 2018.

Félix also plays other games other than Overwatch such as Fortnite. He currently is signed to Luminosity Gaming. Felix streams on Twitch on a daily basis and is one of the site's most popular streamers.

YouTube Channel

xQcOW made his personal YouTube channel on March 8, 2015. Félix's videos consist of livestream highlights, compilations, livestreamed personal Q&A's, ban appeals, and lets plays that were all streamed on his Twitch channel for people to watch if they missed his livestream, or for people to watch on their own enjoyment. His livestream highlights are edited and uploaded by Arthium, and the rest of his content is uploaded by Daily Dose of xQc. The videos are never uploaded by xQc himself, but instead his editors do.

Motivational Speeches

  • "A smart person learn from his mistakes but a smarter person learns from other people's mistakes. What's for the second life philosophy we should abide? I make mistakes you make mistakes we all make mistakes so therefore everybody makes mistakes and you can't blame them too hard for it, You only remind them to be better. So every human makes something maybe even people that work at Walmart, headquarters, or Amazon or twitch or twitch staff, everybody makes mistakes, right? And sometimes it is okay just stop climbing, stop running, you build a tent, chill out and admit mistakes. But that does not mean admitting defeat. Losing the battle does not mean losing the war, You have to keep fighting. When things get tough dude and you're on your last foot and you're on the back foot and its even harder, its the best time just for two things, to fall and give or to thrust back and fight back and that is the only thing that matters. And at that one point when you're on your last back foot the only person that gets to choose is you. You get to make the choice and I was hesitant at first but I got one dm and he said "you should appeal and it matters to do it" and I chose to fight and i'm thankful. And i hope that you know it's kind of cheesy dude out of these small moments or small tokens, sometimes I hope that it used the platform that we've created to push those ideologies further. And maybe somehow, someday even be in the same case and you'll want to fight back instead of giving up."
  • "If in life, you always show up, and you get a participation ticket every day and what you do, at some point, you'll get the juice. Even if you show up and you don't get it, 100 times in a row maybe at some point you'll get it. But if you have no names in the hat, how can you expect to be drawn from the hat? You can't. Every day, you gotta put your name in it. At some point, it goes juicer mode. You just gotta believe. You gotta believe in yourself and what you do."


Promotions of gambling

Lengyel has been a strong critic of gambling in the past, saying that gamblers are "scummy". However, he himself gambled on stream "for fun" in April 2021, and when he was criticized, he replied that it wasn't serious[1]. He was sponsored by a website for his gambling as well[2]. Detractors pointed out that his fanbase is mostly young teenagers, who could imitate his controversial behaviour.


Lengyel has been banned multiple times on the well known GTA Role Play server NoPixel, for varying reasons. He has been mainly criticized for his short temper as well as out of character moments, which often ruin other player's experiences. Lengyel has also faced criticism over his fanbase, who would brigade other roleplayer's streams and harass them if the latter had a bad encounter with Lengyel in-game. Lengyel was permanently banned from playing on NoPixel near the end of May 2021. He has not been unbanned nor played on the server since.


  • His username comes from "FeliXQuebecCanadaOverWatch", or alternatively, "FeliXQuebeCOverWatch".
  • He is of Hungarian descent.
    • Interestingly enough, "Lengyel" means "Polish[3]" in Hungarian.
  • He has an ongoing rivalry with streamer Forsen, as to who can speedrun Minecraft the fastest.
  • His favorite Spider-Man actor is Andrew Garfield.
  • He often types all his tweets with all caps.
  • He is known for is occasional outbursts of rage when playing games, as well as his slurred speech whenever he talks fast.


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