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Tyler Benjamin Novak[1] (born: October 27, 1999 (1999-10-27) [age 20]), better known online as xTurtle, was an American YouTuber who produced gaming videos of mostly Minecraft on PC and also some Fortnite and other gaming videos. In his videos, he would show off hacks in Minecraft along with different variations of hacks while playing on Minecraft servers. Sometimes, he also does live streams, and he has been caught hacking by Minecraft moderators and gets banned. However, he sometimes plays Minecraft without hacks in the background while mentioning topics that are related to his channel.


xTurtle's Main YouTube channel (in which had 150,000 subscribers) recently got terminated after a number of his videos were flagged and ended up being terminated. Now xTurtle uploads on his new Fortnite/gaming channel (xTurtle2) and various IRL videos on his vlog channel (Tyler Novak). On his vlog channel, he posted this video in which he discusses his termination. He is still active on his Twitter account, but xTurtle2 has not been active for a couple of months. However, his vlog channel is still active and regularly uploads. There are some videos that can be seen by using the Wayback Machine, and there are some channels that reupload his content such as Omikron Client.


  • One time he was caught hacking live by another YouTuber named JackSucksAtLife, and xTurtle uploaded his video first while Jack took some footage from xTurtle's video and made some edits.
  • He actually has pet turtles.
  • His main channel got terminated. However, it can be possible to use the Wayback Machine to watch some videos.
  • He has a new gaming channel and IRL vlog channel.
  • He promoted his mom's cooking channel called Burd In The Kitchen before he got terminated.
  • Popular Minecraft server Hypixel filed a lawsuit against him and he was forced to remove all Hypixel content off his channel


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