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XerainGaming is an English YouTube gaming channel that was created on September 22, 2011, by Danny Allen and Andre Stringer. It mainly starred Minecraft gaming videos, But branched out to different video games as the channel went on. Their claim to fame was a roleplay series named 'Wrecked: The Stranded' Which spawned a sequel and a prequel. As of now, the new Wrecked Continuation has been discontinued and will likely never happen.

Their channel logo has remained consistent since the channels conception, But used to bare a much simpler black and white 'Microsoft Paint' styles icon which Andre noted... 'Was shit'

It paired with Machinima on January 12, 2012.


Wrecked has notably became on of the channels most recognisable series, Only starting on February the 12th, 2012, It has gained a mutual following, Aswell as the most consistently revisted videos on their channel.

There are currently 3 Series of Wrecked on the channel, Wrecked: The Stranded, Which follows Danny, Andre, And the 'Fisherman' (A fan picked through a contest held on their channel) Wrecked: Eyes Of Ender, Which had a much bigger focus on collaborating with the community to make decisions that impact the story, And Wrecked: The Pumpkin curse, That was prompted by Machinima after they noticed the popularity of Wrecked.

The fourth instalment has been noted many times by Danny and Andre. What would be called 'Wrecked: The Forgotten' Has had a really rough time coming to conception. The majority of the map makers had either left without notice, Given up or quit. It would have had the previous characters (most likely played by different people) With a more focus on antagonists. The story would also be heavily impacted by the viewers decisions like Wrecked: Eyes of Ender. Danny has also added that the popular character of 'Mr Tombasco' would end up becoming the villain of the series.

At this point, Andre and Danny want to forget about Wrecked, And move on to better things.

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