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Xisumavoid, also known as X (or Xisuma [pronounced "Iss-oo-ma"] for short), is a British YouTuber mostly known for his Minecraft videos. Xisuma regularly streams on Twitch. He was known throughout his early Minecraft career as the "passive mob guy". He also runs minecraft servers under the business name XVM Limited.


Update News Videos

Uploaded on Xisumatwo, these are videos where Xisuma covers the latest Minecraft updates and snapshots. He also covers Hytale news.

HermitCraft Server

The HermitCraft server was started by Generikb, Xisuma was part of the original group to join the server and has contiuned to play on it ever since. He currently has 860+ videos of HermitCraft. It is currently in Season 6 and X has made 150+ videos from this season itself. 

Minecraft Myth Busting

Where he tests how the game works by proving or disproving myths in the community.

Minecraft Farms and Tutorials

Xisuma has made over 300 videos for various farms, automation devices and redstone contraptions.

Do You Know Minecraft?

A fun facts video over things in Minecraft.


Evil Xisuma

Evil Xisuma is a evil alter ego of Xisumavoid, known for trying to destroy Hermitcraft. He has featured in these videos:

  • Hermitcraft III 350 Evil Inside[1]
  • Hermitcraft III The End Of Hermitcraft?[2]
  • Hermitcraft IV 500 Evil X & The Withermen[3]
  • Hermitcraft V 666 When Worlds Collide[4]
  • Hermitcraft V 680 Evil X Returns For Christmas![5]
  • Hermitcraft VI 736 His Very Own Episode[6]
  • Hermitcraft VI 800 These Hundred and Fourty Hours In[7]

He was also featured in a boss fight.[8]


  • "Oh My Days!"
  • "I'm such a derp."


  • Though many have speculated what his real name (and residence) could be, it should be remain undisclosed, through Xisumavoid's wishes.
  • He plays guitar.
  • He enjoys running, cycling, healthy eating, yoga, and weightlifting.[9]
  • He enjoys drinking tea.
  • He pronounces "Tutorial" as "Choochorial."
  • His second channel is xisumatwo.[10]
  • His "third channel" is xisumasays, a place where he talks about various things eg. news, music, and general topics which come up in his streams. Some of these videos are not suitable for children.
  • His username comes from the word music, spelled backwards (with an X). The letter A was also added. Because the name "Xisuma" was taken, "void" was added, and came from the name of a band he liked.


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