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Milan Inic better known online as Yasserstain, is a Serbian animator who makes funny entertainment videos, with help of his friends: Dex, Leni, Toza, Marek, and do not forget Igor and Petar. Dex writes the music people request and the music is known by fans to be very funny.

Early life

When Milan was a child, he wasn't in good contact with his friends from school. But after he grew up, he started his YouTube account with his friends. One day he heard his mom and her friend talking about school and they said that Milan would go to a school where he would learn other languages. There he met his two great friends called: Igor & Petar. They became members of Yasserstain. Then, he met some YouTubers from Novi Sad: Drugged Chicken (Marek), GejmerSaKlise (Valent) & ViscTV (Igor). His favorite member in his family is his uncle Karlo, who bought him a PlayStation 1, took him to movies, helped him about computers and taught him how to play the drums. In 2012, his uncle Karlo died.

Most Known Videos

It started with "PREZIVLJAVANJA SRBIJA - SURVIVAL IN SERBIA", which is about surviving in Serbia. The first part was deleted because one of Milan's friends asked him to remove it because he didn't want to get bullied at his new school. Then there is "Stvari Koje Niko NE Izgovara - Things Nobody Says". This video is about words that nobody uses. Then there is "KAKO NE UCITI - HOW NOT TO STUDY". This is about [NOT] studying for tests in your school. And finally "ZBOG SIRA - BECAUSE CHEESE". This is about Milan answering questions from his fans, and sometimes he calls some other Serbian YouTubers to do it with him. Even GradualReport made a "BECAUSE CHEESE" video with Yasserstain. They started a new video series called "Dnevne Doze Deda Toze", in which Milan's friend Toza is playing an old funny grandpa. His most famous video is "Srpski Tutorijali Vs. Yasserstain". The video is like an Serbian Epic Rap Battle. Currently it has got more than four million views and it is most viewed video on his YouTube Channel.


Zbog Sira -21 (VidCon Special)

Zbog Sira -21 (VidCon Special)

Milan was at VidCon 2015, And he met his favourite YouTubers there:

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