YokuramaGameTalk focuses on Anime
YokuramaGameTalk is a Vlogger
YokuramaGameTalk plays video games
YokuramaGameTalk is from the United States
YokuramaGameTalk is male
YokuramaGameTalk created their account in 2010
YokuramaGameTalk is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Yokurama, better known online as YokuramaGameTalk, is an American YouTuber who makes videos on anime and manga. He and his friends commonly joke that, even though his channel is called YokuramaGameTalk, he doesn't talk about games at all. Although he hasn't uploaded to his main channel, YokuramaGameTalk, and his side channel, YokuramaNews, in over a year, he is still frequently active as one of the four primary members of the anime-related podcast Mangapod Book Club, as well as one of the founders of the video game related podcast Permadeath Podcast.

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