scene of the attack

The YouTube HQ Shooting was a shooting attack which occurred on April 3, 2018 inside the YouTube headquarters building in San Bruno, California. 

The Attack

The police officers got a report of the shooting at 12:46 PM. The shooters weaponry had 10 rounds. The reporters say that the shooting was created because of the shooters boyfriend. The shooter has injured four YouTube employees, then committed suicide. The shooters body was analyzed that there weren't any drugs or alcohol inside of her, being the reasoning of this violent act.



Nasim Najafi Aghdam

Nasim Najafi Aghdam (April 5, 1979 – April 3, 2018 [Aged 38]) was an Iranian female-bodybuilder who had made content that involved workouts, music, commentary as well as vlogs. Later on, she made videos about the demonetization that was affecting all 4 of her YouTube channels. People believe the motive for the shooting was due to YouTube's demonetization, and her videos being age-restricted. After the incident took place, all of her Google and YouTube accounts were terminated and her website was taken offline by her web hosting service. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also took action by terminating her accounts. Using the Wayback Machine, some content was archived can still be viewed.

Suspect's Social Media (All Terminated)


  • Initially, there was around 60 livestreams surrounding the shooting.
  • Paul Joseph Watson exposed a hoax related to the YouTube shooting on his Twitter. A flame war on Twitter ensued, with people threatening Watson. He later apologized but said that the "liberal agenda is always against him".
  • YouTuber MaxLison uploaded a video criticizing the attention that the shooting had gotten. He states that CNN, BBC and MSNBC should not get involved in such "irrelevant nonsense". The video has since been removed.
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