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The current logo of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a type of video that is shown in a vertical format and shows in the home page for people to binge on, like popular social media app, TikTok.

Shorts was first featured for some users in September 2020 and was first released in India one month later, later reaching the United States.[1] YouTube Shorts became popular and global (however lacking features) in 2021, resulting channels to blow up in subscribers and views, causing channels to make second channels to make shorts in. In April 2021, every time a YouTuber that you turned on notifications, it led you to the YouTube Short page instead of the video itself. YouTube shorts aren't in the monetisation program, meaning YouTubers can't make money out of the shorts. However, YouTube announced a fund to support the Top Short Creators on May 11, 2021. In July 2021, BTS made a challenge that uses YouTube Shorts. In October 2021, Ed Sheeran released his album, and made 14 shorts of his 14 songs, the most popular having over 100 million views.

In early 2022, the shorts tab was added on mobile devices.

How it works

To make your video as a short, it needs to be in a vertical format and less than 60 seconds long. There are no requirements to making shorts. There is an editor for shorts to use as well.

To find shorts, go through the home page until you see the logo that says "Shorts beta" or type in #shorts in the search bar. You can also find other shorts from their channels by pressing their channel icon, that leads you to the "Shorts from this channel" screen.


  • Shorts is global; however, features such as the editor page are limited to the countries United States and India.
  • YouTube Shorts are similar to the social media app TikTok, which caused controversy due to the feature being a clone of the latter as well as containing reposts from it.
  • Older videos that are in vertical format and less than 60 seconds long counts as a YouTube Short.
  • By double-tapping on the screen, you can like the video.
  • Originally, if a video ends, it goes to the next short.
    • Now it repeats (loops) the video.
  • Originally, you can pause the video by holding the screen and let go to play.
    • Now you can tap the video to pause or unpause it.
  • Square videos count as shorts.[2]
  • Thin videos don't count as shorts.[3]
  • If a YouTube Short has a custom thumbnail, the thumbnail wouldn't be included in the short, but shows a random picture from the video itself.
  • Shorts used to be mobile-exclusive, however in October 2021 they were introduced to desktop devices.
    • However, it is in a very early beta stage, as you cannot record Shorts on desktop.
  • There is a Shorts Fund, a $100M bonus to reward original Shorts creators.
  • Unlike non-shorts, shorts don't get copyright claims or strikes on the videos if you use music.