The YouTube Wiki is an encyclopedia around YouTube, which is currently in 7 different languages available, including: English, German, French and etc.


English Wiki

The English YouTube Wiki (Wikitubia) was established on 25.09.2006[1], the first user was V-Rex. By the end of 2007, nearly 450 articles have been created. The first article was that of YouTubers Galipoka. The English Wiki is one of the top 500 international Wikia, peaking at #3 in October 2015.

German Wiki

The German YouTube Wiki was established on 28.08.2009 by the user Youtubewiki[2] since changed the wiki several times the owner. [3][4] The first article of the wiki is the YouTubers Nigahiga, which was created a day later.

Until mid-2012, in the course of time developed around 80 articles. In the same year more YouTubers were on the wiki attentive and post their articles on their social media pages.[5]

In 2015 Wiki was extensively restructured and adjusted.

In June 2016 YouTube channel was established to appear on the small tutorials.

The German Wiki is one of the top 10 German and one of the top 500 international Wikia [6] It counts toady a-round 1,650 articles.

Spanish Wiki

The Spanish wiki called YouTubePedia was established on 25.07.2012 and includes nearly 1,200 pages. The Spanish Wiki is one of the top 500 international Wikia.

French Wiki

The French Wiki's YouTube Francophones and was founded on 03.08.2014. It includes nearly 500 pages

Polish Wiki

The Polish wiki was established on 13.12.2008 and includes nearly 70 pages.

Russian Wiki

The Russian Wiki was founded on 04.09.2008[7] and includes around 40 pages.

Italian Wiki


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