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Youtooz is from Canada
Youtooz created their account in 2019
Youtooz is a Content Creator on YouTube

Youtooz is a Canadian company that produces figurines of popular YouTubers with over 250,000 figures sold. The first figure that YouTooz made was one called "Dead Meme" and it was one of Ugandan Knuckles, a meme that was popular in early 2018.

List of YouTubers with Youtooz figurines

List of Non-YouTuber Youtooz figurines

  • Beef Boss (a Character from Poofesure's YouTube channel)
  • Turg (a Character from Call Me Kevin's Youtube channel)
  • Cleetus (a Character from Flamingo's YouTube channel)
  • Crowlirious (a Character from H2O Delirious's YouTube channel)
  • Dat Boi
  • Dead Meme
  • Do U Fart?
  • Doge
  • Feliz Navidoge
  • Hallowmeme
  • Harambe
  • Motivational Lizard
  • OK Boomer
  • Snowymeme
  • Stonks
  • Tari (a Character from SMG4's YouTube channel)
  • Farmer Flamingo (a Character from Flamingo's YouTube channel)
  • Unus Annus Hourglass (Unus Annus's logo)
  • Cuphead
  • Mr Bean
  • Shaun the Sheep collection
  • Bruh
  • Angry Birds collection
  • Crash Bandicoot collection
  • Peanuts collection
  • Doot Doot
  • Flex Seal Youtooz Can
  • Wilbur Simp (a character from Wilbur Soot's YouTube channel)
  • Padildo-chan (a character from AnthonyPadilla's YouTube channel)
  • Sir Meows A Lot (a character from Denis' YouTube channel)
  • L'Manberg Tommy (a character of TommyInnit on the Dream SMP)
  • L'Manberg Tubbo (a character of Tubbo on the Dream SMP)
  • L'Manberg Wilbur (a character of Wilbur Soot on the Dream SMP)
  • Shrek collection
  • Family Guy collection
  • Back to the Future collection
  • SpongeBob SquarePants collection
  • Attack on Titan collection
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender collection
  • Five Nights At Freddys collection
  • Eggdog Meme
  • Smudge Lord Meme
  • Some emoji faces (crying, laughing, etc)
  • Crazy Frog



Youtooz has undergone some controversy mainly about plagiarism. This came to light once an artist pointed out similarities between his concept art, and an official YouTooz plushy of Ranboo. Youtooz came out and said it was not stolen and just traced from their JschlattLIVE plushy, although their Jschlatt plush was also said to have been stolen as well.

Another person came out stating they stole their concept for Technoblade's "Technoplane" YouTooz. YouTooz decided to give the original artist compensation, but it wasn't very high, and they ended up making more Technoplane items without the original artist's consent.

Uwuooz Controversy

YouTooz were in the middle of making a spin-off brand for their company called "Uwuooz" when alexxx, a 14-year-old, bought the domain name and made a website first. YouTooz contacted alexxx via Twitter asking if he would sell the domain, but the child refused saying they had other plans for it. Upon refusal, YouTooz banned him from their subreddit, refunded alexxx's concurrent orders, and contacted the child's parents, asking them to sell the domain. Few months after the controversy, the domain was sold and alexxx has remained silent since then. Their brand since Uwuooz cant be a brand currently is "Toozies" which is a juice drink.