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What's going on everybody, welcome back to another video, and today...

―Zelk’s Intro

Jacob (born: September 27, 1999 (1999-09-27) [age 20]), better known online as Zelk (formerly Zelkam, also known as ZelkTheElk and Jake[1]), is an American mainly Minecraft YouTuber. His content focuses on trolling players, mainly cheaters, on his and Skeppy's Minecraft server, InvadedLands ( which he is a Manager (2nd to most powerful rank, besides Owner)  on, and hosting events, to find one winner, which there is usually a reward for. When he's trolling players, he often has them write haikus, short poems, about why they shouldn't be banned. He occasionally helps Skeppy troll their friend BadBoyHalo. He also makes fun of fake or bad ban appeals and staff applications that were made to troll the staff. 

Rise To Fame

He started to gain a decent-sized audience around the time when he made a number of ping spoofing (a meme created by Skeppy and his fans) related videos from November 3 to November 26, 2018. This happened around when Skeppy started trolling BadBoyHalo, the time when he created the ping spoofing meme. Their videos together gave all three of these channels a lot of views. He made his channel on August 11, 2015, but uploaded his first public video on August 19, 2015. He also mentions Skeppy, a6d, BadBoyHalo, Spifey, TapL & F1NN5TER on his channel, and has a second channel ZelkTheElk - Live.


Zelk is a manager on Skeppy's Minecraft server, InvadedLands, which is a server that consists of the following game-modes: KitPvP, SkyBlock, UHC, Survival. The server was released around August 19, 2015, when the release video was made on Zelk's channel. InvadedLands is currently ranking #3 on the leaderboards of, due to Skeppy's large audience and the server's fun and simple game-modes.

On InvadedLands, he trolls players for his channel and uncommonly makes people write haikus because not a lot of people know what it is, and most of the time they are not very good in general. He often also makes events but make them impossible to scam the players, such as a Find The Button with no correct button, or a maze with no exit. He also often does "quiz" videos where players answer multiple-choice questions, though Zelk often makes these difficult.

He is included in many of Skeppy's videos and skits. For example, in the video "Ultimate $1,000 Red Rover - Challenge" he is found helping Skeppy & BadyBoyHalo with the event.


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