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How’s it going guys...

―ZephPlayz’s Intro to about every video

ZephPlayz is a Roblox YouTuber. He is most famous for his video, Roblox Music Video: The Movie, which has over 12 million views and was even his channel trailer in till he changed it to his song 'Run Away With Me'. ZephPlayz is also well known for his Roblox gameplays. Like other YouTubers, ZephPlayz has been criticized for his misleading content, video titles, and thumbnails. ZephPlayz often plays ROBLOX with his friend NicsterV (MrTop5) and does pranks on him. 


Minecraft & Minecraft Mods

When starting YouTube, ZephPlayz did Minecraft SkyWars gameplay videos. Zeph also did Minecraft parkour mods, Minecraft Turbo Kart Racers, and Minecraft Pixel Painters. Zeph, for a while, mostly did SkyWars gameplays and “Let’s Plays!”s, and only occasionally did he play other Minecraft Mods. After reaching 500 subscribers on YouTube, Zeph began to slowly play other Minecraft Mods such as Minecraft Crazy Walls, Minecraft Survival Games, and Minecraft CTF (Capture The Flag).


ZephPlayz uploaded a video called "Run Away WIth Me Roblox Music Video (Roblox Animation)" on September 22, 2019, one of his first real song that was uploaded to Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. He uploaded a Nightcore version of it on November 2, 2019, which has the video played backward with the music as Nightcore. He has more music to come as he has said a few times.


When he discovered Roblox, ZephPlayz mostly did Murder Mystery 2, sometimes playing with other Roblox YouTubers. Like with SkyWars, Murder Mystery 2 was what Zeph only played for a while, occasionally playing Roblox Pokémon Brick Bronze. As more Roblox games were being created, Zeph began to play more and more Roblox games, eventually playing mostly Jailbreak, as well as any other Roblox game that gets popular amongst the Roblox community.



Besides, his videos, ZephPlayz is also known to be good friends with other famous YouTuber PinkSheep; who is a Roblox and Minecraft YouTuber. They’re known to give each other positive comments and feedback, and even PinkSheep calls ZephPlayz his “Panda Homie”.


  1. ZephPlayz is iconic for his “panda hat” that he wears on his avatar in Roblox. Pandas are even his YouTube mascot.  

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