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Joshua Bradley (born: September 4, 1992 (1992-09-04) [age 27]), better known online as Zerkaa or Josh Zerker (formerly ZerkaaHD), is a British gamer who plays FIFA. Josh is also a member of the Sidemen. In the Sidemen, is he known as a "Grandpa" due to him having a beard.


Originally from South East London, he lives in a house with his girlfriend Freya. From 2014 until 2019, he lived in "Sidemen House" alongside JJ, Vik and Simon. Josh is the oldest of the Sidemen and has known TBJZL since secondary school.

Josh gained an A* in GCSE Business Studies. This could explain why he is good at organisation and hosts the majority of group gaming sessions that the Sidemen take part in. Josh is, for many reasons, viewed almost as the "leader" of the group - despite them working together as a team the majority of the time. Josh is also the oldest Sideman which could also explain this fact.

Josh studied Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne University from 2009 to 2012. Josh was supposed to release (but never did) a Call of Duty montage called Illuminate in 2012. He has said that JJ stated that he will get a tattoo of something if Josh did make Illuminate, which gives him an incentive to make it. As of 2019, seven years after the original announcement, Illuminate is nowhere to be seen.

YouTube Career

Josh has two channels; his main channel is called Zerkaa where he makes real life videos, vlogs, challenges etc and his second channel is called ZerkaaPlays where he uploads gaming videos. 

He's also a part of the Sidemen channel and the MoreSidemen channel where he makes videos with the whole Sidemen group.


  • Zerkaa is only 3 days older than Miniminter, another Sidemen member.
  • Josh has a combined total of more than 5.4 Million subscribers across his two YouTube channels. 
  • Josh's main channel is ranked #81 in the most subscribed YouTube channels of the UK.
  • Josh is "officially" the Ultimate Sideman having won The Sidemen Experience in 2014.
  • He calls himself "Josh Zerker", and has adamantly defended this alias as his "real" name.
  • Josh has supported Millwall all his life.
  • He has a girlfriend called Freya; they have been dating for eight years and is sometimes seen in his videos and rarely in the other Sidemen vlogs. She is frequently seen on Josh's Instagram and Twitter.
  • Josh owned an Audi R8 until May 2019. He previously owned an Audi TT.
  • As Josh is the oldest of the Sidemen, the boys jokingly refer to him as "daddy" or "daddy af". Josh has just accepted the joke now and sometimes even says it himself.
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