Zorannah is a Vlogger
Zorannah makes beauty videos
Zorannah is from Serbia
Zorannah is female
Zorannah created their account in 2011
Zorannah is a Content Creator on YouTube

Ćao svima!

―Zorana Jovanović

Zorana Jovanovic mostly known as Zorannah, is a Serbian YouTuber who makes vlogs & makeup tutorials. Her followers are mostly female.

Biography & History

Zorana admits that she has always been spoiled so she could buy a lot. Her parents were not rich or thieves but businessmen who earn enough to have money for summer and winter holidays and the occasional shopping, or have have enough money for a decent life.

All the things that no longer carries Zorana one hand put on sale through the blog, also a part of things that could correspond to one of his relatives that are not as financially well off, but also a large part of other things carries Zvečanska or similar places.

Her blog on the one hand brought the seriousness, professionalism and the ability to now she financed her mom.

Zorana has her own online shop, has a real Pop-Up Shop in Delta City, and from the very blog posts per month earns between 1,000 and 5,000 euros (depending on the number of customers in that month). Price for a link in a post goes up to 500 EUR, while the price for a fully branded post (eg Photo fully dressed in one brand, with reference to only one brand in a post) amounts to EUR 1,000. She works daily on the blog between 5 and 10 hours, of which half the time is spent on emails and comments on the blog and FB.

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