Zortec plays video games
Zortec is from Australia
Zortec is male
Zortec created their account in 2017
Zortec is a Content Creator on YouTube

Yogomo guys!


Saad (born: August 20, 1998 (1998-08-20) [age 22]), better known online as Zortec, is an Australian YouTuber known for his gaming and how-to videos but does a mixed bag of other content which consist of skits, trolling, entertaining types videos, etc.


At the beginning of his journey, he started off as a YouTuber making only gaming videos. But as time went on, he later decided to experiment with his content and explore different things rather than keeping it repetitive. Zortec currently hasn't made an official video revealing his face just yet. He started to expand his content by first adding technological tutorial videos to his mix, which were getting more views on his channel than his gaming video. He later went on to expand his content to other types (like trolling videos, comedy skits, tech, memes etc.) which is what he still does. Ziovo's videos inspired Zortec to make technological tutorials. He has also done commentaries on his channel and giving other YouTubers advice videos on how to grow their YouTube channel and tricks on what they should do if they are a YouTuber.

Zortec's Exclusive Thumbnail Style (below) - Style name: TBA

His thumbnails look unique thanks to mostly the thumbnail shape that has 12 edges that blend in with YouTube's default white background interface. The shape makes the thumbnail unique because most thumbnails on YouTube are generally a rectangle. Zortec is the only one who exclusively uses it for his YouTube videos. Zortec is said to have pioneered this thumbnail style for his YouTube videos. He stated he will give this style a name soon as he is the creator of this thumbnail style.

Zortec's Thumbnail Style


  • "Yogomo guys! This is Zortec here."
  • "Hope you all have a Yogomolicious day."


  • His first video was uploaded on December 19, 2017. 
  • He struggled a lot as a child with reading and comprehension due to his mental condition, it still affects him to this day.
  • He is born in and grew up in Australia.
  • He uses Adobe Premiere Pro to edit his videos.
  • He had delayed speech development as a child due to him being autistic.
  • His favorite game of all-time is Final Fantasy X.
  • He is very interested in Anime.
  • His first anime was Dragon Ball Z.
  • He used to use PowerPoint to design channel art and video thumbnails.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He never used Photoshop until after 2 months making videos on YouTube.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1000 subscribers: February 18, 2018
  • 2000 subscribers: May 15, 2018
  • 9000 subscribers: April 14, 2019
  • 10,000 subscribers: May 29, 2019
  • 20,000 subscribers: January 20, 2021

Total Video View Milestones:

  • 1 million views: April 18, 2019
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