Zueljin Gaming plays video games
Zueljin Gaming is a Reactor
Zueljin Gaming is a Commentator
Zueljin Gaming is from the United States
Zueljin Gaming is male
Zueljin Gaming created their account in 2011
Zueljin Gaming is a Content Creator on YouTube

Daniel (born: June 2, 1977 (1977-06-02) [age 44]), or better known online as Zueljin, is an American YouTuber who makes gaming and reaction videos. He is a former member of the popular Hermitcraft Minecraft server. He participated in seasons 2 and 3. 


Season 3

Zueljin participated in the Boombox tournament and with Sl1pg8r built a bedroom. Zueljin also participated in moving a desert into a base of another Hermit's in a prank with Mumbo Jumbo, xisumavoid, and FalseSymmetry.

MindCrack Fan Server

Zueljin participated in Seasons 4 and 5 of the Fan Server UHC. Before the 1.5 map reset, he had a plot in the Boney Bayou neighborhood of Blockhaven. It was a plantation home, complete with beds for servants. His house was praised by many on the server. Zueljin had a hunting lodge which was rarely shown in his videos compared to his plot. It was accessible through the Red tunnel in the Nether. Nearby, the Whitewood Lake had artificially tall birch trees in the lake. A giant look-out post overlook the area.


  • He's been married to his wife since 2011
  • He is the step father of two children
  • He is Christian
  • Zueljin's YouTube name is a Cajun variation of Ghostbusters character, Zuul
  • Zueljin was featured on Docm77's "Dear Doc" series in episode 24 on 24 January 2012. His single-player Minecraft series "The Cobblestone Chronicles" was specifically mentioned by Doc
  • Zueljin is the founder of a Minecraft multiplayer server called Hypermine, which he considers "the most spectacular achievement that was ever conceived out of [his] own mind"
  • Before YouTube, he had worked at a Walgreens and as a technician at Sprint
  • He does YouTube full time
  • He joined Hermitcraft in 2014 midway through season 2 alongside FalseSymmetry
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